Magic Spells
In Final Fantasy VI, magic spells are learned by equipping Magicite. You can find out which Magicite teaches what spells and at whhat rates in the Esper list.

The list below contains all the spells Celes and other FFVI characters can learn, the Magic Points consumed by casting the spells, and what the spells do. Magic spells are arranged alphabetically.

Spell MP Used Description
Antdot 3 MP Heals "Poison" status
Bio 26 MP Poison elemental damage
Bolt 6 MP Lightning elemental damage
Bolt 2 22 MP Lightning elemental damage (x3)
Bolt 3 53 MP Lightning elemental damage (x6)
Break 25 MP Petrifies target
Bserk 16 MP Target attacks opponent wrecklessly
Cure 5 MP Recovers HP (little)
Cure 2 25 MP Recovers HP (x3)
Cure 3 40 MP Recovers HP (x7)
Demi 33 MP Cuts an enemy's HP in half
Dispel 25 MP Removes Magic Barriers
Doom 35 MP Dispatches target
Drain 15 MP Drains HP from target
Fire 4 MP Fire elemental damage
Fire 2 20 MP Fire elemental damage (x3)
Fire 3 51 MP Fire elemental damage (x6)
Float 17 MP Makes target float
Flare 45 MP Barrier piercing attack
Haste 10 MP Hastens target battle time
Haste2 38 MP Hastens entire party battle time
Ice 5 MP Ice elemental damage
Ice 2 21 MP Ice elemental damage (x3)
Ice 3 52 MP Ice elemental damage (x6)
Imp 10 MP Changes to and from an "Imp"
Life 30 MP Recovers life restoring some HP
Life 2 60 MP Recovers life restoring all HP
Life 3 50 MP Recovers fallen target when they fall
Pearl 40 MP Pearl elemental attack
Poison 3 MP Poison elemental damage
Quartr 48 MP Cuts an enemy's HP by 3/4
Merton 85 MP Flame piercing attack (unfocused)
Meteor 62 MP Meteors attack all enemies
Muddle 8 MP Confuses target
Mute 8 MP Casts "Silence" status
Osmose 1 MP Absorbs target's MP
Quake 50 MP Earth elemental attack (unfocused)
Quick 99 MP Allows double commands to caster
Rasp 12 MP MP directed attack
Regen 10 MP Gradually regenerates HP
Remedy 15 MP Heals all status except "Zombie"
Rflect 22 MP Magic Barrier reflects 4 magic spells
Safe 12 MP Magic Barrier protects against attacks
Scan 3 MP Displays targeted HP and weakness
Shell 15 MP Magic Barrier protects against magics
Sleep 5 MP Puts target to sleep
Slow 5 MP Slows target battle time
Slow 2 26 MP Slows multiple enemies battle time
Stop 10 MP Stops enemy from commanding
Ultima 80 MP Ultimate Magic attack to all foes
Vanish 18 MP Renders target invisible
W Wind 75 MP Causes "Near-fatal" status (unfocused)
Warp 20 MP Escape from dungeons and battles
X-Zone 53 MP Send all enemies to the X-Zone

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